Joelle Choueifati

lawyer and activist


Joelle Choueifati is a lawyer specializing in international law and an activist for Women’s Rights and Empowerment. After obtaining her Lebanese -French law degree from USJ and practicing law in Lebanon, Joelle moved to the United States where she obtained an LL.M. in International Law & Business (Magna Cum Laude) and Juris Doctorate Degree In American Law (Cum Laude). Joelle ‘s career in the states included being an In-House Counsel for an international Fortune 110 Company,  specializing in Ethics and Compliance law and Human Resources Support. After having spent 13 years in the United States, Joelle returned to Lebanon to actively focus on gender and militate for women’s rights and female empowerment. Her work in Lebanon includes a legal review project for UNDP identifying laws discriminating against women and proposing amendments, creating gender strategies and mainstreaming gender in USAID funded-projects and training on women’s rights for a variety of agencies.

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