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Roula Eid Sawan

Roula Eid Sawan  TEAM IN MOTION Roula is the managing partner at TEAM IN MOTION (Specialized Company for team building activities and personal development training) and is the director of Youth & Culture Center at Zouk Mikael municipality.She is a Team Coach Practitioner & a personal development trainer. Roula has a Master degree in Commercial and Industrial business Administration from St Joseph University. She earned the Train of Trainers from UFE. She is a qualified Team Coach from ORSC-CRR Global San Francisco and member at ICF (International Coach Federation). Roula has her own TV show named #Iza-baddek (اذا بدك...

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Salyne El Samarany

    Salyne El Samarany CEO – Teach For Lebanon    Salyne is a mother of two boys and an advocate for quality education in Lebanon. She participated in the Middle East Partnership Initiative Program for Student Leaders at Georgetown University in Washington, DC, in 2007. She was selected as the Lebanese Ambassador of Youth at the Arab Thought Foundation in 2009. As Chief Executive Officer of Teach For Lebanon, Salyne believes that providing equal educational opportunities for Lebanese children is at the core of the nation’s well-being. She was one of nine young education advocates selected for the...

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Nayla Geagea

  Nayla Geagea  Lawyer and Researcher Nayla Geagea is a lawyer and researcher with more than ten years of experience and practice with a focus on international human rights, protection of vulnerable groups and international criminal justice. Since 2008, she has engaged in legal research and drafted legal briefs, memoranda, and draft laws encompassing a range of issues related to human, social and economical rights. She has worked with multiple local and international organizations including research centers to develop public policies and advocate for legal reforms, to implement projects and activities aiming at addressing forms of discrimination and marginalization...

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