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Joelle Choueifati

Joelle Choueifati lawyer and activist   Joelle Choueifati is a lawyer specializing in international law and an activist for Women’s Rights and Empowerment. After obtaining her Lebanese -French law degree from USJ and practicing law in Lebanon, Joelle moved to the United States where she obtained an LL.M. in International Law & Business (Magna Cum Laude) and Juris Doctorate Degree In American Law (Cum Laude). Joelle ‘s career in the states included being an In-House Counsel for an international Fortune 110 Company,  specializing in Ethics and Compliance law and Human Resources Support. After having spent 13 years in the...

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lara saade

Lara Saade Lawyer/ Public Policy and Legislation Advisor Lara Saade is a public policy advisor, lawyer and human rights advocate. She has over 9 years of national and international experience providing legal research and technical advice to governmental, non-governmental and UN organizations in public policy, governance, human rights, gender, anti-corruption, rule of law and development. Ms. Saade is the first woman to be appointed in Lebanon as a policy advisor to the president of a prominent political party – MP Samy Gemayel. Prior to this, Ms. Saade had worked on several United Nations projects that aim to promote knowledge...

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Zeina el Kallab

  Zeina el Kallab Ecclesiastical Lawyer El Kallab Zeina, Ecclesiastical Lawyer at Catholic Courts,Bachelor Degree in Philosophy and Theology, Bachelor Degree in Canon Law, Bachelor Degree Civil Law. Candidate for the Maronite seat in Kesrwan- Ftouh district  (2013-2014) E-MAIL ADDRESS: PHONE  NUMBER:   FACEBOOK ACCOUNT      TWITTER ACCOUNT    LINKED IN ACCOUNT +9613324036 Zeina kallab  @zeinak6  zeina kallab  ...

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Nayla Geagea

  Nayla Geagea  Lawyer and Researcher Nayla Geagea is a lawyer and researcher with more than ten years of experience and practice with a focus on international human rights, protection of vulnerable groups and international criminal justice. Since 2008, she has engaged in legal research and drafted legal briefs, memoranda, and draft laws encompassing a range of issues related to human, social and economical rights. She has worked with multiple local and international organizations including research centers to develop public policies and advocate for legal reforms, to implement projects and activities aiming at addressing forms of discrimination and marginalization...

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